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W7IB Software - Get your HPIB GC/MS ready for Win7/10

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The actual situation
With the latest cyber security threats impacting many organisations, IT departments are driving labs to have greater standardisation of Operating System platforms such as Windows 7 or even Windows 10 across all local desktop PC’s. On the other hand an substantial amount of money was invested into state-of-the-art GC/MS systems some years ago. Especially Agilent Technologies 5973A series type of mass spectrometers are sensitve and robust enough to fulfill the requirements of today's routine analysis from the hardware point of view. Unfortunately old style HPIB/GPIB communication links are not supported under modern operating systems and actual revisions of the MSD-ChemStation software. The favored solution is to stay with the out-dated software up to a point where the computer dies or release budget and buy new instruments.  

The (intelligent) solution
Use your existing HPIB-type GC/MS instruments for another decade by upgrading the MSD-ChemStation communication layer with the W7IB software package and release the power of modern operating systems into your lab. Depending from your present software/hardware configuration and laboratory infrastructure, multiple setup options are possible, but everything starts with an entry level traget price of about 1000.- EUR. Just another cost effective and unique solution by Intelli Labs.

W7IB - Standard Solution
W7IB - Client/Server Solution
  • runs natively under Microsoft® Windows 7 Ultimate or Windows 10 Pro operating systems
  • runs inside a virtual machine with different guest operating systems to support 5971A or 5972A MSD's
  • could be configured as a HPIB-LAN gateway with multi instrument support and network access
  • full compatible with existing G1701 MSD-ChemStation's
  • leaves functionallity and user interface of the MSD-ChemStation untouched
  • comes with our MassLauncher and RemoteBoot app for fail-save start of an instrument session
  • on-site installation with six month warranty option
  • cost effective solution

Requirements and Options
Check the hard- and software requirements below to find the appropriate W7IB option which best fits your needs. You can order everything from a pre-configured ready-to-run computer with on-site installation and warranty, up to the W7IB media with a ready to run virtual machine.
  • Desktop PC, Windows 7 or Windows 10 ready
  • min. 4 GB RAM, min. 150 GB Hard Disk, LAN adapter
  • DVD drive for W7IB media (optional USB 2.0 port)
  • 82350A/B GPIB interface card (Keysight or Agilent Technologies only)

  • a valid and unused G1701 MSD-ChemStation license
(up to four instrument sessions per license are supported on a single PC)
  • an activated Windows 7 or Windows 10 license for each computer

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Please consider that this product is available exclusivly for end customers only, not for distribution channels! This product includes a six month warranty period, therefore an on-site installation from our service team could be required. Due to this fact, W7IB can only be ordered for european countries like GERMANY, AUSTRIA, SWITZERLAND, BeNeLux, UK and IRELAND. For other countries or special configuration requests, please contact us.

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