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Lab Automation - let your samples move


Evolution-5 Robot
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Video Info: The robot speed in the video is adapted to the analysis run time and less than 20% of maximum speed. In this real life example a preparation workflow for toxic samples is shown. Samples are placed on the RFID waterbath inside the hermetic sealed cabinet. During the first step, the outer surface of the actual sample container is washed to remove every adherent particle, followed by a drying cycle. After weighing the sample, its real amount is determined by reading out the TARA weight from the embedded RFID-Tag. This amount is checked against pre-coded limits and two dilution factors are calculated, which are used for the dilution of two different solvents. All obtained data is written back to the RFID-Tag during this step too. Next the sample is moved to a magnetic stirrer, which is also defined as the waiting position for a sample overlapping procedure. Just before the injection, the sample is transported to the transfer position. This place includes another RFID-reader, which auto-matically synchronized the sample preparation process with the analytical instrument run. In this application a 7890 GC from Agilent Technologies is used and remote controlled by our SLI (System Link Interface). If after the analysis run the results are ok, the sample is moved to the waste tray, if not a second injection is initiated.
  • Fast and lightweight robotic arm with five axis and 360° rotation, designed for scientific applications
  • Extended x,y,z-travel increases vertical reach for more functionality in a compact footprint
  • High resolution optical encoders for precision positioning
  • State-of-the-art drive technology for smooth robotic movements
  • On-the-fly exchangeable tool heads for all kinds of sample processing
  • Gripper tool works in landscape and portrait mode
  • Collision sensing for added safety
  • Robot controller with I/O and multitasking capabilities
  • Stand alone operation with event driven tasks
  • Easy integration into existing analytical workflows
  • RFID enabled option for user independent sample processing
A closer look to the technology
Because lab automation is more than only sample preparation, we build our unique customized solutions together with well established OEM standard laboratory and plant process control equipment from other manufactures. Besides Intelli Labs own hardware platform, we already developed software device drivers for CTC PAL samplers, balances, diluters and other liquid handling devices, which could be easily integrated into your future projects.

As a registered solution partner with Microsoft, we have access to the newest and most powerful software technology. Therefore we are able to incorporate our solutions and products into your existing line of business applications such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS), Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) and more specialized vertical software platforms. Our software applications are designed to further automate and streamline internal processes in a smoothly way.

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