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Software utilities for your lab

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Find a selection of our software tools and utilities especially for laboratory use. All free applications are directly downloadable from this page, why all others are linked to our shop. Please consider that some free downloadable apps shows an advertising banner during start up. Those have a +ADS  mark in the description. If you like the software, you can buy a license to eliminate all advertising messages. For questions or bug reports use our software report form please.


for a fail-safe start of your GC/MSD instruments. Automatically validates the configuration, checks the PC hardware together with the online status of all HPIB/LAN connections, before the MSD-ChemStation or MassHunter session is launched. Finds unplugged cables or unpowered devices, especially after maintenance tasks.

Commandline options for starting different instrument numbers and for selecting another last saved start-up method are available. Requires minimal installation and leaves existing instrument control software completely untouchted. Language support for English and German included.
v.1.2.41 (August 2019)  


controls up to nine electric valve actuators from 'Valco Vici' over a single RS-232 (default), USB or LAN port. Use it in stand-alone control mode, via the integrated DDE or command line interface or directly over macros from the time-/sequence table within Agilent's ChemStation software.

Includes language support for English/German, valve maintenance counter and macro examples for Agilent ChemStation software. For an USB or LAN interface additional hardware is required. Please order required cables separately from our webshop.

v.1.0.31 (April 2011)  

Remote Desktop Boot (RDB)

allows remotely to log-off, reboot, shutdown or power-off any Windows Workstations or Server over the network or the local computer only. In addition, you can specify a reboot reason message for the machines event log. Especially useful to reboot computers connected over a remote desktop or a terminal session after software maintenance, like our HPIB-LAN gateway.

Includes language support for English/German, local network discovery and an auto-exit feature if no user activity is detected. For security reasons the local user credentials must match an user account on the remote computer with the appropriate rights.
v.1.0.27 (February 2020)  

System Info

shows relevant hard- and software informations about your computer in an efficient, fast and easy way.

Includes language support for English, local network IP numbers and a performance monitor feature.

v.2.2.25 (August 2019)  
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