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Analysis for routine applications 'MADE EASY'
This unique software package from Intelli Labs focuses on improving productivity of well established applications within analytical laboratories. It is aimed at simplifying the process of performing chromatographic HPLC or GC/MS analysis and by doing so allows the chemist to focus on other activities and specialist areas.

In conjunction with several high profile forensic and clinical laboratories from across Europe, we have developed a range of solutions to operate the HPLC and GC/MS systems from Agilent Technologies in a far easier way than has previously been possible. Choose between the two ready-to-go appilcations; HADES - the Forensic Analyser and CliniMAX - the Clinical Analyser or discuss your special requests with our specialists.

This intelligent, user friendly software is designed to work in the same way as an experienced analyst. It schedules analytical runs, checks results as they are generated against defined criteria and makes decisions based on these results. The user-friendly client interface is designed to remove the complexity of data acquisition and data analysis software packages, allowing inexperienced users to submit samples for analysis and reducing the need for operator interaction. Once a sample has been submitted for analysis, it checks results and automatically carries out additional analyses using additional acquisition methods as required. Quality control is automated as blank runs and QC checks are scheduled and results checked against control limits automatically.
Key Benefits
  • Fully automated from sample submission to report generation
  • Unlimited number of priority samples (up to 10 levels and timestamp)
  • integrated barcode and/or RFID sample tagging
  • Fast analysis, rapid turnaround times
  • Low cost per sample – equivalent to field colour test kit
  • User-friendly and configurable interface
  • Minimal sample preparation
  • Suitable for ISO17025:2005 accreditation
  • Automated generation of intelligence reports
  • Customise Workflow, Error Limits, Reporting and Archiving
  • Peace of mind and confidence for Lab Managers
  • Unique integration into MassHunter or OpenLab CDS ChemStations
  • User-interface in English & German, others on request

HADES (High troughput Automated Data Evaluation Suite)

Full automation from sample submission to report generation
HADES starts before the working day begins, running a set of system checks and QC standards and evaluating the results, meaning the system is ready to analyse samples at the start of the working day. Users submit samples for analysis using a simple client interface where the sample ID, sample weight and solvent volume are entered by the operator. An optional priority level can be assigned and the analytical requirements are selected (i.e. identification only or identification with quantification).

HADES prints out a barcoded label or writes information on an embedded RFID TAG at the vial and informs the user where to place the vial on the instrument. It then schedules samples for analysis in order of priority and timestamp, evaluating the results as they are acquired against defined criteria. Where analytical results indicate a requirement for additional analysis by alternative methods (for example using derivatisation for specific drugs), HADES automatically re-analyses samples as required and compiles all associated results into one report.

Beyond Routine Analysis
Troubleshooting is also automated in HADES, with defined corrective actions being taken in response to observed symptoms. Acting in the same way as an experienced analyst, automated fault diagnosis and corrective action protocols further reduce the requirement for operator interaction.
All activity is logged within HADES, allowing audit trails to be maintained. In addition, all data generated by HADES is automatically exported into a database which can then be queried, allowing automated generation of management information reports as well as regional drugs intelligence reports.

CliniMAX (Clinical Analyser)

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