Format   Filename  Description  Date 
RFID Technology [219 KB]   An overview about the technology involved  July 2009 (Revision 1.1)  
RFID Storage [169 KB]   Solutions for Storage - Tracking samples across the stock  June 2009 (Revision 1.0) 
RFID Audit Trail [192 KB]   Solutions for Audit Trail - Identifying samples in analytical laboratories  July 2009 (Revision 1.2)  


Format   Filename  Description  Date 
IL2010x-E [195 KB]   AUX Extension cables for Agilent GC's  August 2009 (Revision 1.1)  

Tools & Fun

Format  Filename  Description  Revision  
Space Invaders [651 KB]   Space Invaders OpenGL is a 2D/3D game based on the old arcade classic. Single executable for direct play fun without installation. Free source code available here.   Version 0.6.1 
Ring Tone [1,335 KB]   Brings the sound of Intelli to your mobile phone. Get the free ring tone in mp3 format with 192 bit sampling rate.    


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