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Everyone’s RFID requirements are specific to their needs and are generally unique in some way. Intelli Labs specializes in adapting the RFID technologies available and customizing the solution to you. We offer a complete set of solutions, from hardware to software, of course including our consultancy, analysis and implementation support to make sure the integration of automatic identification (Auto ID) and data collection within your processes is done smoothly.

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Today's challenge - Finding the right solution

RFID is a growing technology that is used for more and more applications. But the fact that it is based on radio waves makes it sensitive to external factors. It still requires the fine tuning of antennas and readers in order to achieve a high rate of read success. The bad news is, there is and maybe never will be a one-size-fit all solution for RFID. Implementing the right technology and developing the appropriate software is the specialty of Intelli Labs when applying RFID to laboratory problems. Browse through our application list and find out the most adapted solution to company's reality or look for further information about the technology itself here.

Range of solutions


Automation - intelliProofed RFID technology for lab automation workflows.


Audit Trail - Identifying samples in analytical labs and ensure tracebility according the rules of FDA CFR Part11.


Storage - Tracking samples across the stock and providing an authentication record.

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RFID- How does it work?