Our touch panel PC's are integrate solutions for multiple application such as lab and factory automation, process monitoring, operator interface, visualization terminal and others. Powered by Intel Celeron/Pentium CPU's and Windows XP OS, the users can install and use variuos kind of application software on it just like on any standard PC. The integrated communication interfaces make them open and flexible for your specific application. Peripheral devices, like a keyboard, mouse or external storage media, can be connected easily. The fanless cooling concept not only reduces noise but also ensures high reliability with an MTBF (mean time before fault) of more than 40,000 hours.

VESA arm mounting makes the integration of laboratory HMI easy, allowing for applications that require sharp graphics and intuitive user interfaces in space-saving and robust design. The brightness TFT touch screen can be used with gloves and stylus pens and is resistant to disinfectants and detergents. The metall housing is scratch-proof, corrosion-resistant and chemical-resistant for long life and easy cleaning. Shock and vibration resistance, thermal stability and compatibility with EN60601-01 are standard features, as is an availability of at least five years.

IL30001 - Flex LCD Arm Option

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Fanless and Low Power 8.4" Panel PC   10.4" Panel PC with Intel Pentium M   Fanless and Low Power 10.4" Panel PC   12.1" Panel PC with Intel Pentium 4   Fanless and Low Power 17" Panel PC  

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