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We hope to give you a clear insight in all the possible solutions and products of our product portfolio. It is difficult for example, to describe the wide range of RFID solutions designed for the laboratory, but its our main focus to offer the full advantages in regards of this wonderful technique into ready to go workflow, audit trails and automation solutions for your lab. Subsequently Intelli Labs developed a product portfolio in standard computer related products tested for day to day laboratory use. Next to this line of intelligent products for laboratory automation, Intelli Labs has two product lines of standard laboratory electronics and intelligent tools that make you save money on the use of day to day analytical equipment. A guaranteed lower cost of ownership.


Intelli Labs started out as a spin off of several analytical instrument vendors. Therefore we have a wide knowledge in the use of analytical instrumentation and application developments. As a further advantage our employees are a mix of analytical scientists and engineers in software and electronics. For that reason we have a clear insight in what is needed in the laboratory field if it comes to streamlining workflows, optimising productivity and integrating customer specific solutions.

Intelli Labs has been active in the analytical market since 2008 focused on smart electronics for the analytical field first. As a logical step in the evolution of Intelli Labs we broaden our range of products into the field of RFID during the last couple of years. As of that time Intelli Labs has become one of the leaders in this field for integrating applied RFID technology into the laboratory. For the first time we incorporate RFID technology also into our unique lab automation solutions for the forensic, pharmaceutical and chemical analysis laboratories. Please have a closer look at our products and become thrilled by the wide range of solutions available for you with the use of our technology.

We would like to thank UK Trade & Investment for their help and support to get our business in the UK going very quickly.

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